A. Refugees of genocide deserve to live.  

I need our government to treat refugees of genocide compassionately and expeditiously. And if they choose to flee we should assist their flight to locations specified by the United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCoR). I need my government to provide this basic requirement of human decency with a minimum of our resources. Further I stipulate that this aid will not be used to escalate the conflict. The sole focus of this involvement is the maximization of human life. We will accomplish this goal with the minimum commitment of our resources in the shortest time possible.

        To accomplish this goal I propose: Exit-to-live.

This is a minimally-escalatory alternative for           helping refugees of genocide in finding safety.

B. We have the tools and the means to make this happen.

1. Why: we need a minimally escalatory alternative for refugee aid in theatres of genocide. This alternative can be activated by the President of the United States by proclamation. 

2. Description:  Using our military we will provide time specific (7 – 21 day) protected corridor for sole use of non-combatant refugees to locations specified by the UNHCoR.

3.  We will provide only  a ‘safe exit corridor’ to a location specified by UNHCoR for non-combatant civilians. We will provide no other support.

4. Specifics 

     a. Defense Department - creation of a safe corridor for refugee exit

     b. State Department - coordination with the UNHCoR-

5. Benefits: A time-specific asset limited alternative for aiding refugees of genocide.

6. A viable minimally escalatory alternative for the United States for refugee assistance in armed conflicts.


C. Arming of various factions in armed conflict inevitably historically results in American bullets and bombs killing American Soldiers.

     The idea started  when President Obama drew the 'red line' in Syria and then had to walk away from it. The President needed a tool to deal with refugees of genocide today not after a lengthy debate in congress. The tool needed to be limited to the scope of those refugees. International support would be demonstrated by the UN High Commission on Refugees 1. coming up with camps suitable for the refugees and 2. coming up with the funding for those camps. If a refugee was willing to leave all of their worldly possessions out of fear for their life the President needed a tool with which he could extract them. If he/she was satisfied of their need to flee for their lives. There are dozens of 'back stories' in every war. Those stories are almost always contradictory. The implications of arming one faction or another always has unexpected results. The idea is to save lives quickly. I think this could have worked in Rwanda in the Balkans and in Syria. This is not comprehensive it is a tool. It will not always fit. And at times it could save lives. I felt that it posed a viable alternative to doing nothing.


D. Because I cannot accurately foresee the future I must deal with today.

For this I need your support.  Please share a link to this site with 5 friends.      Agree to talk to one other person today for 10 minutes about refugees of genocide.  Get that person to agree to talk to one other person about this.


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